Brussels, Belgium – 23.11. – 25.11. 2017

The ancient monsters who controlled the fate of humanity are vanishing, leaving behind their Ghouls, Childer and minions. You play one of these servants, suddenly left in control of the vast machine of political influence built by the Camarilla over the centuries.

Do you make choices that benefit humanity? All the Kindred? Or just yourself?

What kind of risks are you willing to take at the dawn of the Second Inquisition?

Experience vampire politics like you’ve never seen before, right in the fulcrum of European power. Unique locations in Brussels collapse the distance between the imagined and the real.

Parliament of Shadows is a small, experimental World of Darkness larp that asks the question: How do vampires really influence the fate of humanity?

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An official World of Darkness larp produced by Participation Design Agency under license from White Wolf Entertainment.

Header photo by Christian Stock.

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Parliament of Shadows is a licensed White Wolf event produced by Participation | Design | Agency AB.