Is This Larp For You?

Parliament of Shadows is an unusual World of Darkness larp. As such, here’s a few pointers on whether this is the larp for you:

Are you interested in EU policy?

The characters in the larp will discuss EU policy on the level of actual, real issues. As a player you don’t have to be a politician or a lawyer, and we will do our best to make the issues approachable. However, you will end up reading EU policy documents and debating how they affect the interests of your masters.

Do you like relationship play?

Social dynamics between the characters are in a central role in the larp. While characters can be on the opposing sides of an issue, they also know each other very well. Everyone has enemies, friends, lovers and exes, and playing on those relationships is key to making the larp interesting.

Do you enjoy a visceral take on the World of Darkness?

The contrast between the bright, pleasant world of the EU and the dark, fetid horror of the World of Darkness is one of the central aesthetic building blocks of this larp. As such, our take on the World of Darkness is physical, grimy and weird. We try to make the abstractions of supernatural power real and tangible.