News From the Shadows

To ordinary mortals strange sinkholes in the middle of Brussels or poisonous fumes in EU buildings are just everyday news – weird perhaps, but within the range of the possible.

And who knows, maybe there’s nothing in these stories. But you’ve been at this long enough to recognize what it looks like when someone plays fast and loose with the Masquerade. Many Kindred have the idea that in the modern world of special effects and video fakery, it’s hard to get caught breaking the Masquerade. After all, who’s going to believe that Youtube video of you doing something supernatural is real?

They could be right. Still, there’s more and more news like these every day.


What To Do With the News

  1. The news will make the world deeper and more diverse both before and after the game – this is what happens in the city where the characters operate.
  2. Some characters will later get more info later on individual news items.
  3. All the characters can discuss the news with each other, make wild guesses or build theories.
  4. The news are not something your characters would start to work on or mysteries they should solve in-game.
  5. You can decide your character hasn’t followed the news lately. In that case you can just ignore them.


Three strange sinkholes appear in Brussels

Sinkhole swallows a car in the heart of Brussels


Sinkhole opens up next to Brussels Central station

Second sinkhole in Brussels sees evacuation and damage to rail line

Big blaze in former Philips factory in Hasselt

Leaders are forced to change venue for key summit tomorrow after bloc’s HQ in Brussels is flooded with poisonous fumes

Big Brother is watching Flanders – The local police or the municipality purchased a total of 3,524 cameras in Flanders

Divers have found the bodies of an 80-year-old man and a 72-year-old woman that had been missing since Tuesday afternoon

Three people have been injured after a helicopter crashed

Facebook to defend privacy policies in Brussels court