18:00 – Workshop starts.

23:00 – Workshop ends.


10:00 – The larp starts.

The larp ends for the day between midnight and 02:00 depending on the situations of individual characters.


10:00 – The larp continues.

15:00 – The larp ends, debrief starts.

17:00 – Debrief ends.

18:00 – Afterparty starts.

Participation Fee

The fee for the larp is 280 €. It covers participation in the larp, but doesn’t cover food or accomodation.

The larp has 25 participants.


Additional expenses you should expect as a participant in the larp include travel to Brussels, accommodation, public transport, taxis and restaurants and drinks. A typical taxi ride inside Brussels costs 10-15 €, although the price will go up quickly if you leave the center area. Brussels is a city of many reasonably priced good restaurants, with prices similar to France and Germany.


The larp will be documented in photo and video. All documentation will be shown to players after the larp, and participants will have the option of asking photos they appear in to be removed before the full set is published.

Players will be required to accept a documentation waiver during the sign up process.


We aim for a full 360 degrees aesthetic: Everything you see in the larp should look exactly like it would inside the fiction. However, this should not be an unusually difficult larp from a costume perspective, as all characters should look like lobbyists. Basically, you should dress so you could walk into the European Parliament without looking out of place.


All the larp materials and briefing will be in English, and a solid command of spoken English is required to play. However, to reflect the multilingual nature of the EU, players are free to use whatever languages they know during the larp.