Game Mechanics

For Parliament of Shadows, we use a very light set of game mechanics tooled to the needs of this particular larp. These mechanics are:


Really Really

All supernatural powers in the larp use the “really, really” method. They’re expressed as a sentence with the words: “Really, really”. For example, “You’re really, really scared of me” or “You feel really, really comfortable opening up to me”.

When you use a power, look the victim in the eye from a relatively close distance and say the words. Ordinary mortals don’t realize that a power has been used but they can think that the situation is weird. Ghouls, vampires and mortals who know about the supernatural realize when a power is used, but that doesn’t help to oppose it.

Powers always work, but a ghoul can only use a supernatural power once per two hours because of the strain it puts on the body. However, if the ghoul drinks vampire blood, she can use a power immediately.


Victim Decides

A key principle of supernatural powers is that the victim’s player always decides what happens in practice. All players are collaborating together to play a cool scene, so generally when someone uses a power on you, go with it. For example, if someone says: “You really, really want to tell me your deepest secret”, tell her your deepest secret.

However, it’s up to you how you interpret the situation. For example, in the above example, maybe you think it would be interesting if it was revealed that you were just going to a secret meeting. Maybe that’s not technically your deepest secret, but it’s a good secret to be revealed in the larp.

Generally, any the duration of an effect seems indeterminate (“You really, really like me”), they last half an hour. However, this doesn’t have to be exact to the minute. Judge the situation and what would work best for the larp.


How To Make Yourself Into a Vampire

Let’s say you’re a ghoul and you want to become a vampire, but not by the Embrace. You want to make yourself into a vampire. What do you do?

First, you can’t do it alone. You need at least one person to help you. Second, you need vampire blood.

If you have both of those things, you need to start letting out blood until you’re practically dead. Then your assistant pours the vampire blood into your mouth. If all works well, you become a vampire.

The immediate effect is that you feel euphorically hungry. You need blood. If you haven’t prepared for this, what often happens is that you drink blood from your assistant.

If you decide to go this route, be aware that it has an effect on your larp. As a vampire, you won’t be able to go out during Saturday because of the sunlight. However, we will create a vampire-specific scene for you for Saturday. Just let us know that you’re now a vampire!


How To Overpower a Vampire

Maybe you want to kill a vampire, or just overpower one so you can steal some of his blood. This follows a simple rule:

If you surprise him, two ghouls or three mortals can overpower or kill a vampire.

If you’re in a fight, three ghouls or four mortals can overpower or kill a vampire.

In the case of a Prince or a similar unusually powerful vampire, you’ll need one more person, so three if surprised, four if not.

Afterwards, it’s up to the victors to decide what happens to the overpowered vampires.

Obviously, this method requires that all concerned play out the scene in a cool way!



We don’t expect there to be a lot of fights in this larp. In fact, it’s possible there won’t be any. However, here’s some very broad guidelines on how a fight will go.

One on one,

a ghoul always wins against a normal mortal.

a vampire always wins against a ghoul.

a werewolf always wins against a vampire, or vampires.

A fight is not assumed to be to the death unless the winner specifically kills the loser.

Generally, fights will never take place in public because nobody wants the police attention. In private locations, if a fight happens, quickly hash out how it will go and then act it out theatrically, taking care not to hurt anybody.