Sign Up

Sign up has closed!

Sign up for Parliament of Shadows goes as follows:

1. Sign up opens on 5th of September 2017 and closes 14th of September 2017 at 20:00 CET. The order in which people sign up doesn’t matter, so no need to rush. You’ll make it as long as you fill the sign up form before the deadline.

2. Once sign up has closed, we’ll go through all the sign ups and select players for the larp. Once selection is done, we’ll let everyone know whether they’re in the larp or not.

3. After you have the email confirming your participation in the larp, you’ll have a week to make the payment for the participation fee through our Belgian partner organization Oneiros.

4. The sign up form will ask if you want to reserve a place on the waiting list and if you wish to play a supporting character. In the case of cancellations or participants failing to pay the participation fee on time, we’ll start contacting people on the waiting list.

We strive to make the player selection process as fair as possible. Players will be selected for the larp according to the following criteria:

1. Motivation. The sign up form will ask why do you want to play in this larp.

2. Gender balance. We strive for a balanced representation of various gender identities.

3. Regional balance. We wish to have participants from many countries.

4. Minority representation. We wish to make a larp that’s friendly to minority participants.

5. Safety. Parliament of Shadows involves both intense play on dark subjects and requires its participants to play in real-life environments with specific security issues. An example of the latter would be actual EU venues.

In situations where applying these criteria doesn’t give us obvious candidates, we’ll make the choice randomly.