The Experience

Parliament of Shadows is a larp exploring what political influence means in the World of Darkness at the highest level. We know that the Camarilla has a powerful influence over mortal affairs, but there has rarely been any attempt to establish how does that happen exactly.

In Parliament of Shadows you play one of the people tasked by the Camarilla or similar supernatural organizations to influence EU policy. The characters are not powerful in supernatural terms, but their political influence is significant because they have the resources of their masters at their disposal.

The larp plays on the dichotomy established by the Masquerade. You might have to conduct a blood-splattered rite in a catacomb, wipe your face of blood and take a taxi to a cocktail party held by a powerful political group. As such, as a player you get to debate real EU policy by day and engage in the sordid social maneuvers of the undead at night.


The majority of the characters will be ghouls. There are a few vampire characters as well, but their playtime will be somewhat limited by daylight.

The characters for Parliament of Shadows will be created using the Larpweaver software first seen in the larp Enlightenment in Blood. Each player will assemble their own character from elements provided by the organizers.


The larp uses a fairly minimal bespoke system to simulate supernatural powers, similar to End of the Line and Enlightenment in Blood.