How To Play This Larp

So you’re coming to Brussels to play a lobbyist working to drive the undead agenda in the European Union. What can you actually do in this larp?



You’ve come to Brussels to lobby at the European Parliament on the new proposed European Travel and Authorisation System (ETIAS). The larp will start on Friday morning with all the lobbyists from the different companies and organizations preparing for a day of meetings at the European Parliament.


Initial meetings

During the day, you’ll attend a hearing at the European Parliament on ETIAS called by the MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri. The hearing is a mini-conference where you’ll be briefed on the latest developments and get to state your case. Each group has a short five minute slot to present their views to the MEP and all present.

After the hearing, there will be meetings in smaller groups.



You’ll eat a lunch at the European Parliament.


Secret meetings

After the lunch, you’ll leave the Parliament. At this point, many characters and groups have their own, clandestine things to do.



The characters come back together at a cocktail party organized by The Eichel Group for their colleagues and political contacts. Most of the characters present will be lobbyists, but there can also be politicians and EU officials.



After the cocktails, you’ll disperse into the city to have dinner at a restaurant of your choice. Brussels is a city of many wonderful restaurants, and you can eat very well without demolishing your budget.



After dinner, your options are to hang out at a house maintained in Brussels for its lobbyists by the European Cultural Council, gather your courage and go to a place where you know some of the local Kindred are having a party of their own, or engage in other activities that emerge during the larp.


Saturday morning

Saturday begins with a collegial get-together organized by Wright+Moreau Strategies.


Coordination meeting

A meeting called by the Lifeblood Initiative to coordinate between different lobbying groups, officials and politicians. The purpose of the meeting is to hash out a shared lobbying agenda, if possible.



After the coordination meeting, you’ll disperse to the city to have lunch in groups.

Once lunch is over, you’ll have some time for things that might have cropped up during the larp.



The European Security Forum hosts cocktails for everybody in the early afternoon. Although the larp doesn’t end here, you should try to wrap things up before this cocktail party, or during it.


The end

The larp features a final scene which will collect all of you together.


Here’s some actions you can make in the larp:

Social actions

Start a secret relationship with someone from a different lobbying organization.

Betray the trust of your friends by gossiping all their secrets.

Confide your own secrets in someone you probably shouldn’t trust.

Tell somebody you’ll leave your spouse for them.

Have an awkward work meeting with your ex.

Embarrass yourself publicly by misjudging the situation.

Fall in love.

Provide raw material for future workplace gossip.

Confide privately to someone that you can’t take the pressures of the job without drugs.

Ask for advice on a personal question.

Meddle in the social life of others.


Professional actions

Try to discreetly hustle yourself a better position in a rival lobbying organization.

Leak all your secrets to your professional enemies by accident.

Leak all your secrets to your professional enemies on purpose.

Take a couple of your worst enemies to lunch.

Suck up to the boss.

Worry about whether your career is stagnating.

Brag to your colleagues in an attempt to make them feel inadequate.

Volunteer for a work-related task.

Propose a bold new direction for the company or organization.

Talk shit about your workplace.


Supernatural actions

Fall in love with a vampire.

Fall out of love with all vampires forever.

Embarrass yourself when trying to get vampire blood.

Make a pact with your friends to become vampires, one way or another.

Try to fool someone who could kill you in a heartbeat.

Make a really bad choice because you were seduced by the night world. Or terrified of it.

Ask a vampire what’s it like to be a vampire.

Betray your human friends for the sake of the Kindred.

Betray the Kindred for the sake of your humanity.

Try to bluff your way in a world you don’t understand.